Industries Served


Considered one of the most competitive industries in the global economy, manufacturers must deal with this challenging environment by focusing their resources on sustaining a competitive advantage in order to win new business. One of the most important areas a manufacturer can gain a competitive edge is how they manage a potential client’s perception of their company through their marketing tools.

When it comes to marketing in the world of manufacturing, your approach should be professional, clearly define your strengths, and be informative. With this in mind, prospects will perceive a better value in choosing your firm rather than one with no literature, a poorly designed web site or a lack of corporate information for evaluation. Perception is reality, and if you have professional marketing tools that present your company in what you see for it’s future, that perception will become the reality.

Industries served include OEM’s and Contract Manufacturers (all tiers) in Aerospace, Automation Engineering, Oil & Gas, Automotive and Industrial Products.

New Technologies

Aerospace, Medical Research, Product Development, Green Energy, Biotechnology, Photonics, Customized Services, these are the emerging industries that will surpass traditional industry growth in the US in the very near future. And expert knowledge in emerging technologies will be the new foundation for companies to build on for growth and profitability. It has worked for us and we can make it work for you too.

Our best success stories are companies who are small organizations in the new technology market. We understand their need for cost-effective marketing to help them grow. And once they have reached each level of their business growth goals, we are there to help position them to achieve the next level. With every client in a new technology market or with a new product to launch, we start with gaining the knowledge and expertise necessary to help our clients differentiate and market themselves better. Once up to speed, we become experts in positioning these companies to gain a competitive edge and help them to grow their business.

Business Services

The services industry is the fastest growing market segment in the United States today. It accounts for three quarters of the nation’s gross national product and employment. And that means if you provide a service, you have a lot of competition.

It is important to partner with an advertising agency that can consult with you on the best marketing tools to use in your industry as well as provide creative solutions to help you differentiate yourself from the competition. With the growth and saturation of the service industry today, customers have a lot of choices on who to do business with. Let us help you identify your key company strengths and leverage them into a message that says “We are the best choice for your needs”.

You have a lot of choices in advertising agencies, and TrueNorth is your best choice for your marketing and web site development needs.

Medical Science & Healthcare

With the explosion of the medical services industry and health care related product development, TrueNorth has experienced new growth in our client base in this target market. Our expanding medical products and health care services customer portfolio reflects our keen ability to understand the medical marketplace from many different angles. The more we delve into this market, the faster we are able to get up to speed quickly on the knowledge necessary to create effective communications materials for our medical and health care industry clients.

If your company is targeting this market for business-to-business sales in products, technology and services, we can help you reach your audience. Let us create effective marketing strategies with medical-oriented messaging and communications tools that will get the attention of this target market. You can’t just send a brochure that has a general overview of your company to a medical-oriented audience. With the strict regulations and high standards they must adhere to, they want to work with companies that show a high level of professionalism and specialization in their area.

TrueNorth can give you the tools you need to surgically penetrate this market and differentiate your company from the competition.